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Madmatt Design is a graphic artist started back on 2013 by me Noviar Rahmat. I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in a suburban town in East Java, Indonesia

My artwork style

I’ve crafted artwork for rock and metal band they put on cover of their album and their tour t-shirt. So, i create and unique eye-candy artwork with a mixed of 80’s B-movie horror and 2000 sci-fi movie. I really enjoying to create something new that can push my style boundarys, it’s always challenging and love to see what i come up with.

2+ years of experience

Over time i developed skill and effective way to finish every project that i work with. As a full-time freelance artist, we have the time resources to commit fully to your artwork project. And the last, i offer you a services until youi satisfied with the project.

More about me

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Noviar Rahmat

Illustration and Graphic Design


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